FIVE THINGS:  Marketing Strategy, Techniques, Trends, Tools and Community. Issue 19  - November 23, 2009

It’s holiday season, with Thanksgiving just days away. But before you settle down for your annual turkey overdose, we have a little marketing feast for your mind. Start with a serving of passion as a marketing technique, spoon on some SEO tips as dressing, add in some facts about e-mail relevance as gravy, grab a nice password application for vegetable, and enjoy David Pogue for a tasty dessert. Its fast, fresh…and surprisingly low-calorie given all the content! As always, let us know how were doing by sending comments to us at

STRATEGY Creating Buzz. Why Passion Is So Important In Modern Marketing.

If you are a real soda lover, your probably know about Galco's, a slightly run-down market in LA that enjoys a cult following for its selection of obscure sodas. Owner John Nese isn't trying to please the masses... and that is the point. To really get your marketing message moving, you need fans willing to write reviews, tell friends, send e-mails. And John has mastered that, without a big budget or high tech tools. See how John's passion for authentic soda offers a telling lesson about success in today's marketplace.


A Passion For Soda

TRENDSGetting The Mail Opened
In a recent CMO Council/ InfoPrint Solutions report, 92% of respondents indicated they always open their monthly bills and 83% always open bank statements. The chart below shows their responses to the same categories in e-mail.

The point? Getting readers with over-stuffed Inboxes to open your promotional/ informational e-mail is really tough, since even bills and bank statements don’t get consistent opens. Relevance and value are the real keys to ensuring engaged e-mail recipients.

Get the full report here:

Results of survey asking what types of email to you regularly open?

TECHNIQUESGetting Noticed. Three Tips for Search Engine Bliss.

Search marketing continues to be of utmost importance for nearly all businesses, as prospective buyers continue to reflexively use search engines whenever they are not absolutely sure of where they want to go online. Here are three tips for ensuring that your company’s search budget is being put to good use.


TOOLS Mind Mapping Made Easy.

Mind mapping is a brainstorming and visual thinking technique that dates back to the 3rd century. The technique is finding new life thanks to an array of Web tools that make the creation and sharing of mind maps easier, unleashing some of the inherently collaborative nature of the technique. The most popular of these new Web 2.0 tools is MindMeister, an elegantly simple tool transforms min mapping from arcane to useful. Give it a spin!

MindMeister - Mind mapping, a visual thinking technique.

COMMUNITYRevenge of the News Professional.

If you haven’t heard yet, newspapers are under duress. If there is a next life, it will be the online/offline success of people like David Pogue, whose legions of devotees span the gamut, from dedicated NY Times readers to digital junkies looking for the next big thing. His NY Times blog is great stuff. BTW...catch his 11/17 post on Crowdsourcing Comedy for a little respite from your busy day.

Pogue's Posts - The Latest in Technology From David Pogue.

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